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What is the external transport device for the shuttle?

Edit:Jiangsu Welfor Storage Equipment Co.,LtdUpDate:Aug 02, 2018

The conveying device is a conveying part of the material, and is mounted on the vehicle body, and the frame is made of steel. According to the form of the material, the conveying mode such as roller conveyor, chain conveyor and belt conveyor can be selected, and the double conveying device can be designed according to the overall process flow requirement, so as to meet the demand of double station transportation, the conveying capacity can be greatly improved.

The realization of informationization and automation realizes warehouse, library area and storage management functions, including access control management, pre-library operation, automated stereo table library, unpacking and caching.

Realize management of outbound, treasury, inventory, etc., support uniform storage, first-in, first-out, batch-to-people and other storage and export strategies